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Time for Kathak Dance Exercise (Indian Classical Dance)

In the wake of COVID-19, it's important for us all to do the best we can to keep to a routine and exercise our bodies even though we are confined to our homes.

This post is to help you learn about a Kathak exercise called Tihai. This Tihai is in Teentaal (the beats, which are 16 beats). A Tihai is repeated three times and mainly focused around footwork. To learn this properly, learn the beats, practice the exercise slowly, and continue to repeat while building up speed. Good luck!

Basic Bhol:

Theh Te Kata GaDi GaNa Dha

Steps to Basic Bhol (R represents right foot, L represents left foot):

R Stomp, L Heel, R Heel, L Heel

L Stomp, R Heel, L Heel, R Heel, R Stomp (for Dha)

Dance Challenge - Tihai Exercise:

Theh Te Kata GaDi GaNa Dha (x3)

Theh Te Kata GaDi GaNa (x3)


Video with Tempo can be found on CinnaBelles Insta Page.

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