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Gratitude towards Dance

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

When I graduated from college and started my first engineering job, I was consumed by the Silicon Valley tech world. Engineering took over my days and nights and my time for creativity didn't have space and with that, my dance passion was getting blurred. I realized I needed to find a way to keep dance constant in my life and that's when my husband suggested opening a dance school. Although I had years of dance experience and had 4+ years teaching as a TA, being a business owner was all new to me. My nerves delayed the process a bit but I finally accepted my fears and started the planning stages to establish a dance school. This dance school ended up being MKD Dance School, which opened in 2010. It's now been ten years and this dance commitment I made has far exceeded my expectations.

Bringing dance into my life was intended to give me space to be artistic. I pleasantly found that it also helped me relieve the stresses from my daily engineering responsibilities. I would come home and literally dream about solving math problems! Dance was definitely an amazing outlet for me. My gratitude for this adventure grew even more when teaching dance started building community. Not just community for me, but community for these women that all share the same passion and community for my daughter and the kids that would come to learn dance on a weekly basis. I love the laughter, the hardwork, and the genuine fun I see these dancers have and it makes me so happy that I have been able to bring these dancers together.

Forever grateful and looking forward to dance days,


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